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Now you can get your everyday grocery items in reusable packaging

Loop delivers the sustainable containers to your door, then picks them up again

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The negative environmental impact of our kitchens goes beyond food waste. There’s also the plastic waste of all those single-use containers and pots that we’re buying.

Soon you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic waste in your kitchen. A scheme called Loop is expanding across the US so it’ll be available in 48 states this summer.

Loop is a platform that delivers products to your door in environmentally friendly, reusable packaging. Loop partners with big name brands, so you can get everything from Häagen-Dazs ice cream to Nature’s Path granola — all in delightfully sustainable containers. Other big name partners include Kroger, Pepsi, Nestlé, and Walgreens.

There are around 200 products in total. Categories include baking, frozen items, condiments, beverages, herbs, pasta and snacks. There's also a range of household and personal care items on offer – so you could get your toothpaste in a reusable tube, for instance, or your laundry detergent in a reusable bottle.

When you’ve finished your products, Loop comes and picks up the containers, then cleans and refills them. There are no monthly fees; you just pay a refundable one-time deposit to essentially borrow the packaging. They offer an auto-refill option.

Loop first launched pilots of the service in New York and Paris last year. According to Fast Company, the start-up has seen record sales in March and April 2020 as a result of more people resorting to online shopping.

“We’re in a waste crisis,” Tom Szaky, Loop’s CEO, told Fast company. “That’s only worse because of COVID. During COVID, recyclers are hurting even more because oil is at an extreme low, so it makes it hard for recyclers to compete. And many are struggling because of health and safety—recycling is crashing during COVID.”

You might have seen your local grocery store banning reusable bags and packaging in recent weeks – but that’s not been the case for Loop.

Szaky said, “We’re learning that consumers are comfortable with reuse during COVID, which is very important. If you give a coffee cup to a barista at a Starbucks, it has no dwell time, no health and safety protocol, and no cleaning. So it’s pretty bad. In Loop, it’s a professional reuse system, which has all of those three things in a very, very big way.”

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  • That’s needed everywhere

      9 months ago
  • Great way to eliminate wastage one of the biggest issues in this day and age, hopefully hygiene standards in their packaging for essential products is their top priority.

      9 months ago