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Now you can make McDonald's Happy Meals at home

McDonald’s has unleashed the perfect homemade Happy Meal design

1y ago

Do you have an imagination?

If not, you're probably finding all of this lockdown malarkey tough going. There are no thought processes for you other than receiving a constant stream of terrifying news and scrolling through an endless supply of websites (some of which are actually superb – especially ones relating to food).

Being unable to entertain yourself doesn't bode well for your culinary habits – how will you survive without the ability to eat out at your usual joints? Fortunately, McDonald's – once again – has powered in with a rescue.

The firm has produced an addition to its website called the Family Fun Hub, which is designed to keep children entertained with various Maccies-themed activities, from books to board games. Crucially, the site also allows downloads of a template Happy Meal box so that users can print it off and make their own. However, there does not appear to be a provision for giving out simplistic (yet surprisingly addictive) plastic toys.

As well as delighting adults (and probably one or two kids) with the novel experience, a more significant result of McDonald's decision is that it will provide a greater degree of normality to children with autism, who are especially at risk of developing deteriorating mental health during the current virus-induced upheavals.

Cynically, McDonald's Happy Meal reveal is a transparent advertising gimmick, presumably designed to stop us forgetting about their golden arches (clearly they're not aware of my severe withdrawal symptoms). Alternatively, it does provide a useful way of maintaining order and excitement for kids undoubtedly dumbfounded by the widespread COVID-19 restrictions.

What is the best Happy Meal toy you’ve ever had?

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  • Do you get a toy?

      1 year ago
  • That is pretty neat that they are doing that. I'm too old to remember my favorite happy meal toy...lol

      1 year ago
  • That's cool

      1 year ago