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Now you can send yourself an M&S cake

Colin the Caterpillar is coming to visit us all

1y ago

Convenience has progressively become of greater significance than either expense or efficiency. Whether it be fashion, food or flowers (for me, I hope), having stuff sent to the front door is of greater importance than any other consideration.

In a somewhat surprising move, Marks and Spencer – the towering giant of grocers – has jumped onto the convenience bandwagon by launching a brand new delivery service.

It's an important one, too. I'm not talking about rubbish like fresh fruit or the purest of water, this commitment is far more important: cake.

From ingenious birthday designs to the fattest of chocolate slices, and from multi-layered rainbow epics to the good old caterpillar, posties across the land will have to desperately restrict the temptation to rip open all of the mail.

The cakes are being distributed in hampers (that also include a selection of other goodies), with prices ranging from £10 to £30.

A simple choccy cake is being sold for £10, whereas the most expensive package – the Happy Birthday Surprise Gift Box – includes fudge cake, assorted Swiss chocolate, Prosecco and celebration bunting.

The smiling face of Colin the Caterpillar can be purchased with a group of sweets, balloon and bag for £20.

Let us all hope that the cakes are packed in a suitably sturdy box.

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