- Turn water to wine (credit: Candy Hunting Twitter)

Now you can turn water into rose... kind of

We've reached peak rosé now, right?

2y ago

We’ve officially reached peak rosé now because Walmart are stocking a “rosé wine drink enhancer”.

What on earth is that, we hear you ask. Apparently it’s pink flavor drops so you can make like Jesus and turn water into (rosé) wine. But wine that’s free of alcohol, and probably fun too, let’s be honest.

We’re not exactly sure how Walmart’s “drink enhancer” would actually enhance any beverage, but at least on this version you’re much less likely to call your ex in floods of tears, begging them to take you back.

Twitter user CandyHunting posted a pic of the drops this week.

But according to Vice, these drops have been around for a couple of months, and there are also berry sangria, apple cider vinegar limeade (inexplicable) and apple cider vinegar strawberry pineapple (more inexplicable).

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