Nuggs... for breakfast?! Jimmy Dean releases breakfast nuggets

Who wouldn't want to start their day with little sausage, egg and cheese bites?

4w ago

We're sure there's been a time, where you've really craved nuggets for breakfast. And now, thanks to Jimmy Dean, you can satisfy that craving from the comfort of your own freezer.

There are two different nuggets available, each are bite size and full of 11 grams of protein. The first is sausage, egg and cheese, and the second is chicken sausage, egg and cheese. Each nugget is made with Jimmy Dean's signature seasoned meat, formed together in a little egg patty and rolled in a bread crumb coating.

These take two minutes to cook and the breadcrumb coating does crisp up, but if you have time and you want a little extra crisp, popping them in the air fryer will guarantee you get that classic nugget crunch.

Jimmy Dean's Senior Director of Marketing, Scott Glenn, had this to say about their new breakfast item, "We know it's important to people to have a variety of breakfast options in order to keep mornings fun and delicious. We believe breakfast helps people have a great start to their day, whether on the go with our bite sized breakfast nuggets or around a kitchen table enjoying the comforting flavors of a Skillet."

Of course every nugget needs a dipping sauce, and right now we're thinking either ketchup or maple syrup would be the move here. But if any of you guys try out these nuggets and find something different and amazing to dip them in, let us know!

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Comments (7)

  • They sound interesting

      28 days ago
    • I think so too. I’d definitely give them a try if I can find them here.

        28 days ago
    • I might keep an eye out.

        28 days ago
  • If they make one with ham, onion,cheddar cheese, egg and green peppers, can they call them Denver Nuggets? đŸ¤”

      28 days ago
  • Omg yes I have to try these lol

      26 days ago
  • I guess I would try it!

      27 days ago