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Nutella opened their own hotel in California

Who need's a Nutella vacation?

1y ago

From January 10-12, a Nutella themed hotel existed in Sonoma Valley, California.

Very select guests could stay the weekend in the Nutella hotel, do Nutella themed activities, and eat lots of Nutella based food. This is one of my dream vacations.

It really does not get better than this. You stay in a Nutella themed room with croissants for pillows and Nutella jars for cushions, eat Nutella based food prepared by well known chefs and meet other Nutella die hard fans. All in all sounds like a great weekend.

Now to be a selected guest you had to win a contest. Three people who won got to bring a guest along with them for the weekend, and also hang out with a load of influencers and reporters.

In my mind there should be a Nutella Hotel, where you can eat all the Nutella themed food you want, have a Nutella lifestyle for a few days. I now need a Nutella vacation... why isn't this a permanent thing?

How much do you love Nutella? Would you visit a Nutella Hotel?

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Comments (2)

  • Nutella is good, for sure. I would definitely stay in a Nutella hotel. Especially if there were Nutella-based baked goods wafting into the air

      1 year ago