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Ocado won't deliver inside people's homes because of Coronavirus

The home delivery giant has decided to put health before convenience.

1y ago

Despite governments around the world desperately trying to balance a robust Coronavirus response with soothing tones that everything’s going to work out just fine (well, most governments anyway), many organisations have taken their own steps to combat the spread of the virus now known as Covid-19.

With businesses scrambling to put in place contingency measures to protect their finances and many supermarkets limiting the sale of certain products due to panic buying, online grocer Ocado has announced that it will no longer be delivering items right into people’s homes.

Instead, drivers have been instructed to leave goods on doorsteps and not to recover any unwanted products in order to reduce the chances of them contracting or spreading the virus.

Workers have also been told to ensure that vehicles are clean before using them, focussing especially on places where virus spread is likely to be highest (such as steering wheels and door handles).

According to The Grocer, the UK government has tried to reassure deliver firms that dropping off food is generally safe because the virus takes around twenty minutes to pass from person to person. But, it has also stated that it will be reviewing the charges on plastic bags as re-useable carriers have an increased likelihood of spreading contamination.

In comparison to some of the drastic steps being taken against Coronavirus Ocado’s response seems to be a sensible and probably effective one. However, as pressure mounts on governments and companies to be seen to take definitive action to fight the virus it is possible that tougher measures may become more common in the coming weeks.

What protection measures have you taken against Coronavirus?

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  • Wash my hands- try to keep the most things more clean (Doorknobs) and try to stay away from people (if possible - working and riding with train) - try to stay positive and happy. And you? What are you doing?

      1 year ago