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Off-licences added to list of essential retailers in UK

Booze shops join a growing list of businesses deemed to be of vital significance during the Covid-19 outbreak

1y ago

Since Prime Minister Boris Johnson initiated a UK-wide lockdown on Monday evening, it has been noticeably ridiculously sunny ever since.

Under normal circumstances, this would mean a weekend spent lounging around in a beer garden, supping gorgeously golden pints of beer or splendidly wild cocktails one after another. However, because of restrictions limiting movement to only the most necessary of circumstances, this weekend is going to be very different.

So, in what is finally some good Coronavirus news, off-licences have been included in the list of essential retailers.

Today’s full update also specifies that any licensed shop that sells alcohol (including within breweries) are eligible to remain open. These establishments join other businesses including supermarkets, newsagents and petrol stations that are deemed to provide important supplies to the communities they serve. Pubs, clubs and restaurants, on the other hand, remain closed.

This announcement will come as welcome news to millions of Brits who will be spending at least the next few weeks almost completely housebound as the government’s measures to curb the progression of Covid-19 begin to bite.

Concerns had been raised that supermarkets were still unable to properly replenish stocks in their stores after widespread panic buying saw products including alcohol stripped from aisles. Now, people will be able to confidently visit their nearby off-licence to collect some well-earned relief – as well as to help support many convenience stores that will be independently owned, without the financial backing of a corporate giant behind them.

It looks like your favourite craft ales and soothing liqueurs won’t be leaving you anytime soon.

So, weather, please feel free to stay sunny forever.

What have you been drinking to get you through the lockdown?

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Comments (8)

  • Exactly the same here. Supermarkets, wine and spirits store and even Weed stores remain open but the rest is completely on lockdown. Not so bad. Stone and drunk is one way to get through this ordeal 😂

      1 year ago
  • I laughed when liquor stores were declared essential here too (and we won't even talk about the weed shops, lol). To get serious for a moment, though, it was pointed out that the absolute LAST thing the healthcare system needs is a whole bunch of people showing up at the hospitals with DTs and withdrawal symptoms because their access to alcohol has been abruptly cut off. So there is some method to the madness, beyond keeping people happy.

      1 year ago
  • A tear shed as I read the following phrase: "this would mean a weekend spent lounging around in a beer garden, supping gorgeously golden pints of beer". Life is noticeably better with beer gardens and gorgeously golden pints.

      1 year ago
  • Thank god for that.

      1 year ago
  • Scotch and Beer under these circumstances

      1 year ago