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Official Friends cookbook is coming, with all your favourite meals

That trifle, the turkey, Phoebe's gran's cookies, they're all in there

1y ago

Remember how we all thought a new series of Friends was coming this year and we all got massively excited? But it turns out it's not happening? The one with the crushing disappointment, I'd say.

Friends is alarmingly old now, although it feels like yesterday we were getting a new episode every week. In all honesty, it's one of the few shows of the 90s that has aged quite gracefully. I can watch reruns of Friends all day long and still laugh at every quip, just like I did back then. It's a masterpiece.

We might not be getting a new series of the best sitcom ever written (that's right, I said it) but now you can bring a little bit of it into your kitchen, with the Official Friends Cookbook.

Food was a big part of the show. Monica was a big time chef, Phoebe was trying to get into catering, and Joey never stopped eating. Rachel, bless her, tried and, if you really want the jam, custard, beef, and peas trifle, now you can have it.

There are more than 70 recipes that have been inspired by or that appeared in the show. They promise there is something for everyone, no matter your skill level. So if you love Friends but have no idea what you're doing in the kitchen, you can still have a go.

Monica's Thanksgiving feast is in there, along with Ross' Moist Maker that followed. That horrific trifle can now grace your dinner table, or maybe you'd prefer one of Joey's favourite sandwiches.

It's set for release on September 22, and you can pre-order your copy here.

🎶 "So no-one told you life was gonna be this way"... they really didn't.

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  • "... It tastes like feet!"

      1 year ago
  • Hokay... now that's just weird. How about "The Brady Bunch - Alice Does Lunch" edition or "Gilligan's Island Best Coconut Recipes"..

      1 year ago