Olivier for raw foodists (Russian traditional holiday salad)

It is not a car, it is a food! :)

2y ago

Avocado, fresh cucumber, zucchini, carrots, arugula, lemon.
Sauce Mayonnaise or Pesto Sauce.

The taste is worth doing! :) It all depends on the sauce. That sauce will decide the taste of the whole dish. Refreshes and gives a desire to live! :) Ease and benefit for the whole day

In Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, it is customary to do Olivier for the New Year. This salad is also made on birthdays and on important holidays. For non-vegans, instead of seaweed, they add the best cooked sausage and egg, pouring mayonnaise over everything. You can add (if you a vegan) pickled mushrooms there! :)

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