- Buckle up chicken, you're going a long way.

One Chicken: Many Dishes

Just how many dishes can you make from one chicken?

50w ago

For me, food waste is a cardinal sin. And given I'm a student living on a pittance the food I do buy has to go a fair ways. So just how far can I make one chicken go? Well to find out I bought one chicken from a shop that begins with "T" and ends in "esco" and set to work.

You can't go far wrong with a roast chicken. As a dish it is about as British as Bovril, Crumpets and Tea. And it seemed like a good starting place for my chicken. And given the abysmal kitchen I'm currently living with my chicken was actually going to be slow cooked because I really don't trust the little combination oven in my flat. So here we go!

So there we go, one dish down, roast chicken, but we aren't done there yet. Queue gravy pour vid;

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Probably would be better in slow mo...

So we've now got a whole slow cooked chicken, and I'll admit here to having eaten half of that chicken in one sitting. So what do we do with the remaining half a chicken? Well, there's some of the slow cooked veg, so soup?

I haven't tried this soup yet, I made it and immediately bunged it in the freezer, so when I try it I'll let you know what I think. Next up in this foodie experiment is trying to make stock. I've never done this before, so here follows a completely experimental, but decent recipe.

There we go, a hugely versatile and practical ingredient. So now you've got stock we can make some more fun dishes. Its pasta time!

Heavenly even if I do say so myself!

Heavenly even if I do say so myself!

So, that's four culinary creations from one chicken now, and at this point in time I'd pretty much exhausted my creativity, and do you really need me to write out the recipes for a chicken sandwich, or cold chicken, chips and salad? However I did get two sandwiches out of the remaining chicken, the leg and a wing with chips and salad made another meal. So in total that's 6 meals from one chicken, plus the stock which saw use in a variety of dishes, and given the chicken only cost me about £4.00, that's £0.66 per meal. So there you have it, some student economics and some crackin' recipes.

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Comments (3)

  • Note: cutting the meat from the carcass takes awhile. The alternative is to boil the carcass like making chicken & dumplings, but the stench is horrendous and may have the police at your house wondering if there's another Jeffrey Dahmer at work.

      11 months ago
  • Nice job! You'll have to try some curry chicken salad sandwich sometime with the leftover.

      11 months ago
    • Can’t beat either chicken and pickle or chicken with mayo and sweet chilli relish.

        11 months ago