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    One of the best hotels in the Caribbean?

    Tall Stories: Taste a slice of paradise at Cap Maison on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

    47w ago


    Photograph by @steviethomas

    Photograph by @steviethomas

    You can catch rays anywhere on Earth but this diamond of a hotel is pure heaven.

    St. Lucia is a wonderous island with many secrets and coves - Cap Maison encompasses the finest of the island. All in a neat, perfectly packed, red bowed box.

    Infinity pools, a two person hammock that looks onto a breaking shoreline - the villas themselves are spacious from a one bedroom to a three bedroom.

    Blue sky’s make the world pass by quicker, but the rum make you smile longer. The dining experience is fantastic, especially at the naked fisherman restaurant found in an almost secret spot below the hotel.

    The staff make this place tick, their smiles, warmth and attention just makes me want to come back year after year....

    I would recommend this place for families, new couples, and even solo trips.

    I will 100% be returning again...

    image of @steviethomas

    image of @steviethomas

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    • It sure would be easy to spend a couple weeks there! The islands are just full of great little treasures.

        10 months ago