One of us? Prince Harry loves a cheeky Nando's

Is this the most relatable revelation from the Royals yet?

51w ago

It's easy to look at the Royal Family and find them all together unrelatable. Massive palaces, huge entourage, jet set lifestyle, the world at their feet. I, for one, do not know how they feel. But every once in a while, you get a glimpse into their lives that reminds you that they really are just people.

Normally it's little George picking his nose or Charlotte sticking her tongue out for the press, but the older generation have provided some evidence to suggest that there might be an element of normality about them. None more so than Prince Harry.

His chequered past is full of embarrassing events I'm sure we can all see ourselves falling foul to, given half the chance. A married man now, he has settled somewhat, and his glimmers of normality fall closer to home than ever. Nando's.

You can't not love Nando's, there is something for everyone, even Royalty. Introduced to the peri-peri eatery a few years ago by a member of his security staff, Prince Harry has been a frequent flyer ever since, even making the fabled midnight pitstop with a friend on a number of occasions.

What, you might ask, is his order though? Well, turns out he likes it mild! His regular order is a lemon and herb pita with extra cheese and a side of mash, with a double chicken wrap and fries.

[Image: Nandos Facebook]

[Image: Nandos Facebook]

Lemon. And. Herb.

So there you have it, the most relatable evidence that members of the Royal Family are actually just normal people... except the lemon and herb bit.

What's your usual Nando's order?

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Comments (2)

  • Surely Prince Andrew, Harry's Uncle, slipping off to Pizza Express is the most relatable.

    Or the Queen keeping her breakfast cereal in Tupperware, and the below picture of her sitting by a very cheap electric heater.

    Her daughter, Princess Anne drove a Reliant you know.

      11 months ago