- W​artime rations at The Mays’.

Only 50 per cent of kedgeree and veg curry supper appears in forthcoming book

S​hit photography cannot disguise how tasty this was.

45w ago

O​f the two recipes shown here, one, the kedgeree (for such it is) appears in my forthcoming book. The other is a veg curry that was improvised in the artistry of the moment, and does not.

F​or details of the kedgeree, you’ll need to buy my forthcoming book. The veg curry began with some left-over okra and a few soft shallots, fried in oil which had been fortified with my own roasted and ground cumin and corriander (Using my new spice grinder, passim). I think some garam masala may have been used as weel, but I’d had a few by then.

Mushrooms and chillies were added because, like Mount Everest, they were there. But the real magic happened when I threw in a tablespoon of Patek’s ready-made madrass curry paste.

I’m sorry the photography is poor, and the serving dishes not up to restaurant standard. I become quite excited as I approach the end of cooking and neglect the reporting duty. Here are a few more poor photographs.

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Comments (19)

  • Not going to lie but I would kill for this! It looks better than what I'm getting at home! Our cupboards are very limited at the moment. Good job 👍

      10 months ago
  • Is there a photography app that can be used to install one’s dish into a portrait screen near a dewy clump of mint leaves and a floured loaf of crusty bread?

      10 months ago
  • That looks very tasty!

      10 months ago
  • Looks like something I found under the floorboards yesterday!

      10 months ago
  • James, it looks great

      10 months ago