O​pinion on Costa's new Irish Velvet flavour

T​oday I tried the new Irish Velvet flavour in Costa and here's what I think

47w ago


C​osta's Christmas menu is out! This year the big chain has added a new flavour to their festive array: The Irish Velvet. Here's what I thought...

T​he first thing that jumped to mind was surely Costa aren't serving alcohol? I was right, their not. Their version is said to mimic the taste, smell and warmth of the true traditional drink, and it is offered in hot chocolate, frostinos and coffee's.

I opted for the Irish Velvet Latte with cream (of course) and enjoyed it, but was a little disappointed. It smelled realist and looked delicious, however I felt that the taste was not that unique nor accurate to the taste of the classic. In fact, the coffee simply tasted like their vanilla syrup, which is still delightful. I must add though, it did come with a fantastic little white chocolate treat, so can't complain.

I​ want to know what your thoughts on Irish coffee is or your opinion on Costa's sober alternative!

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  • I have no strong views on the coffee, but look what happened to my favourite Costa manager last eeek.

      10 months ago