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Opinions divided as Aussie man spends stimulus payment on beer

Come on, he's Australian – what else did you expect him to spend it on?

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Six-million eligible Australians have this week begun to receive a one-off $750 payment as part of the Australian Government's stimulus package to aid households and businesses through the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

But while the expectation of those receiving this beneficial payment is that they will spend it on household expenses or essential goods, one Aussie man's definition of 'essential goods' is eight slabs of Victoria Bitter beer.

As seen in a video posted to the SCN Sydney Crime News Facebook page, the unnamed man, who is among the first people to have received the payment currently being rolled out, was proud to tell the person filming, who asked him for his thoughts on the stimulus package, just what he spent his $750 on.

"I've just spent my stimulus money, I've got eight slabs in there and that should last me about eight days [...] I'm as happy as a pig in mud," says the implied keen drinker.

The eight slabs of VB in question as seen in the back of the man's car. (Screenshot: SCN Sydney Crime News on Facebook)

The eight slabs of VB in question as seen in the back of the man's car. (Screenshot: SCN Sydney Crime News on Facebook)

The man's move to stock up on beer has divided opinions online, however, with a very mixed response in the comments section for the original video on Facebook.

Although some commenters have applauded the man's decision – with one stating, "That's exactly what it was intended for, spend it on taxable items, keep our economy afloat" – others were clearly displeased with the man spending it on bulk-buying booze rather than supporting small local businesses.

"Lucky guy, I need mine to pay my rent and buy food, had to isolate by doctors orders due to lung condition," wrote one commenter, while another, harsher critic said, "What a dog, the alcohol is most highly taxed anyway so some of the money going right back to the government."

The stimulus payment, which is part of the Australian Government's AU$17.6 billion stimulus package, has been handed out to individuals most in need due to the Australian economy being ground to a halt due to government restrictions causing many businesses to close indefinitely, with others being forced into closing permanently.

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest-hit, with pubs and other licensed premises being forced to close indefinitely, while resaraunts and cafés have been reduced to operating on a take-away-only basis.

Now, getting back to our beer-loving friend here, let us know what you think...

The original video is available to watch on the SCN Sydney Crime News Facebook page.

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Comments (3)

  • Perfectly fine to me, although he might want to get together with that gal who spent her entire check on steaks and a bar b q grill.

      9 months ago
  • People are too easily outraged. The man might starve, but are people really saying he should have spent his stimulus on their business rent?

    I can also guarantee he is sitting at home right now not giving an empty bottle about this.

      9 months ago
  • His money his choice.

      9 months ago