Oreo Cookies just got even better

Not much could improve the Oreo, but this absolutely has...

1y ago

Do you like Oreos? I bet you do, we all do, they're amazing. Particularly those double stuffed ones, right?

Have you noticed recently that chocolate companies are all on a mission to change up their flagship products? They all want to make something that's a little different but, rather than actually doing something different, they are just tweaking the things they already make.

Either they have run out of ideas for new things, or they know we love what they do already so just want to give us shades of brilliance to choose from. Ok, it's probably the latter, isn't it?

So, the Oreos! There is very little that could be done to improve an Oreo, but if you were asked to chose one thing that might just do it, there is a good chance a layer of white chocolate would be up there as one of the most popular responses.

The good people of Cadbury have predicted this and made our wishes come true with this dreamy white chocolate coated Oreo bar.

It's crumbled up Oreo cookie, complete with that delicious filling, coated in a thick layer of white chocolate. Doesn't it look as good as you imagined?!

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