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20 years of real Japanese cuisine in Milan

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In Milan 20 years ago, there were many Chinese restaurants, then over time, they turned into fusion or Chinese-Japanese restaurants that in addition to Chinese cuisine prepared only sushi.

In 1999, Naoko Aoki, a young woman who came from the world of fashion, decided to open the first Japanese ramen restaurant in Milan.

Asahi, popular japanese beer

Asahi, popular japanese beer

At the time it was complicated to find some typical Japanese products, but thanks to the support from the owner of the Osaka Restaurant in Paris, Naoko has achieved success.

The Osaka restaurant has always focused on the quality of the raw materials and the attentive service and in this way, it quickly achieved the well-deserved reputation.

Part of the success is due to the presence in the kitchen of chef Ikeda, who offers customers authentic Japanese cuisine and practically all Japanese staff.



When you go to Osaka, if you sit at the counter, you can eat watching the chefs preparing sushi while conversing in Japanese.

The place is welcoming and straightforward: no excesses for a place to feel at ease.

The dish for which I always go to Osaka is curry rice (in Japanese karē raisu). This time to change, I took katsu-karē: tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) served with curry and rice.

Seriously, Osaka restaurant has the best curry in Milan. I think James May would love it!

Osechi Ryori: traditional Japanese food prepared for New Year

Osechi Ryori: traditional Japanese food prepared for New Year

The restaurant also prepares Osechi-ryōri: traditional Japanese food typical of the New Year that can be booked to celebrate in Japanese style.

Osaka restaurant today is one of the best Japanese restaurants in town. If you come to Milan and you like real Japanese cuisine, don't miss the opportunity to eat at Osaka in the particular Moscova area.

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