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Osté - Beer and Food in Rome

Just a review of my favorite restaurant at the moment!

1y ago

If you ever happen to be in Rome, near the Tiburtina train station, there is a small and delicious restaurant, with a good selection of craft beers and awesomely cooked meat on the menu.

It's called Osté, a name which recalls the Italian word "Oste" the host basically, and the place is warm and welcoming. I'm a usual customer there, and the owners are kind and as a host should be, capable of making you feel at home.

On the menu there's a variegated selection of craft beers, which changes almost weekly, offering at the tap Stouts, Ipa, Weisses and so on,  for any taste.

For what concerns food, there's a small but delicious selection, of starters, pasta-based first courses, made with seasonal ingredients, and meat dishes, and as a perfect end some tasty desserts and elixirs. There's also a big chalkboard with the dishes of the day, which shows courses that aren't on the menù and changes by the chef's taste.

The local is simple and warm, with pale lights and big windows, there's a cozy atmosphere, and the kitchen is visible by the customers from their seats. In summer it's possible to eat or drink either on the space in front of the restaurant, which is located on a secondary road, very calm and peaceful.

About the menù, these are my personal choices.

For a tasteful starter, there a is a tris of crostini, toasted bread garnished with various ingredients, with a tasty composition like honey and Lardo of Colonnata, bacon and pecorino cheese and Cacio e Pepe, black pepper, and grated Pecorino cheese.

Speaking of pasta, the Carbonara made by Osté is superb, made with good quality pasta and biological eggs. The portions are reasonably big, and this pair of dishes leaves just enough space for a dessert, as the delicious Chocolate Tortino, with a hot heart, served with whipped cream. The Tortino takes 15 minutes to be baked, but it worth every second!

Meat lovers can be pleased by Pork Ribs, absolutely tasteful that literally melts in the mouth. They're served with a homemade BBQ sauce, which is great over anything, from the chips to the onion rings, and either on the crunchy fried chicken sticks breaded with curcuma. There's also a selection of Burger with Scottona meat, and a vegetarian alternative.

There's high-quality food at reasonable prices. The menu mixes local tradition with international flavors and definitely makes you want to taste everything. At the moment Osté is in my Top 3 list of restaurants here in Rome, and my momentary favorite, also thanks to the kindness of the staff and of the owners.

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  • Nice! I've been to Rome two years ago but since it was my first time I concentrated on all the stuff a Rome newbie is supposed to see and never got to that part of the city. Next time :-)

      1 year ago
  • Nice review Valentina!

      1 year ago