Other than tasting amazing, what benefits does garlic have?

What benefits does garlic have?

It is probably superfluous to say that garlic (Allium sativum) has long been known as a very potent natural remedy. It is known that the ancient Egyptians, at the time of the construction of the pyramids, often gave their slaves garlic to keep them in good condition. Garlic is a major ingredient in an ancient Tibetan medicine whose prescription was written over 2000 years ago.

Throughout history during wars in all corners of the world, and whenever famine and poverty were ruled, garlic was a significant food and cure for many diseases. Black bread, garlic and sour milk are the essential ingredients of a centenarian from the Caucasus. Research in Japan two centuries ago confirmed the positive effect of garlic on barberry.

Our folk medicine also, very much appreciates this herb so it is often found in the composition of many herbs and natural herbal remedies. There are many beliefs in our nation about this plant, and one of them is: One who eats one garlic clove every morning for forty days will be able to see the stars throughout the day.

Today, modern medicine only confirms with scientific research all the earlier knowledge about this plant that mankind came through centuries of experience passed down from generation to generation. Pharmacies worldwide have a large number of garlic based herbal preparations, which are used as adjuvants and preventive agents.


First, garlic lowers blood pressure as well as blood cholesterol levels. Immediately after, this herb is a proven antibiotic, so it is very often used to control colds and flu, and is also useful as a preventative against these diseases. Regular consumption of garlic reduces the risk of cancer, increases the immunity and production of antibodies in the body. It has been shown to act against tumor cells and is therefore a useful adjunct to natural cancer treatment. It protects blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Believe it or not, garlic even eliminates fatigue, tension, anxiety and improves mood, thanks to the selenium mineral found in this plant. Garlic works against intestinal parasites, so people who regularly consume this food can hardly get parasites in their intestines. Lamblia (a parasitic bowel disease) is successfully treated with the help of fresh garlic in just a few days. He is also, very powerful fighter against fungal infections.

Garlic used in small quantities, in addition to gas-inducing foods (beans, peas, etc.), reduces bloating. Otherwise this herb is an excellent antioxidant, slows down the aging process and effectively protects against many chronic diseases, cataracts, bronchitis, Parkinson's disease.

It is interesting to say that babies drink more milk while breastfeeding if the mother consumed garlic just before breastfeeding. In doing so, it will not cause additional unwanted cramping in the baby. This information may be useful for mothers whose babies have a poor appetite and not suckle enough.

At the very beginning of the flu or cold, it is good to eat one or two pieces of garlic. This plant effectively kills bacteria, viruses and fungi so it can initially prevent further disease development. If the disease does occur, garlic will help again because it is a powerful antibiotic, makes it easier to cough and expel mucus.

Garlic has medicinal properties in both fresh and cooked form, and it is important to know that fresh garlic is recommended against parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria. When cooked, it produces the best results for the protection of blood vessels, against infarction and thrombosis, while pickled garlic is recommended as protection against cancer.

Garlic, lemon and honey against ageing

Preparation: Finely grind 10 onions and mix well with 1 kg of honey and 10 lemon juice. Pour into a glass jar, cover and allow to stand for 8-10 days. Thereafter, take one tablespoon of the mixture twice a day before meals.

This mixture of garlic, lemon and honey slows the aging process of the body.

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  • Some garlic pressed into a cup of hot milk is a good cure if you catch a cold. Maybe because nobody who could possibly infect you will come anywhere near you 😊.

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  • I'm pleased that FoodTribe has outlined the first cure to Corona virus. As well as vampires, obviously

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