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Our many noodle bowls

An introduction to our noodle bowls and their many options.

1y ago

The meat.

This is usually any leftover meat we have. This is definitely good with leftover steak, pork roast, brisket, chicken and I have even made homemade chicken meatballs out of leftover chicken nugget mix.

The vegetables.

A lot of times I go buy what vegetables I want for my noodle bowl. Mushrooms, baby bok choy and such, but I have also just used what was leftover in the veggie drawer. Unused slaw mix(carrots and cabbage), shredded carrots and onion. Vegetables are optional and not required for enjoyment of a good noodle bowl.

The noodles.

This varies for us depending on what we have in the house or can find in the store. We have used udon(which I can't find now), soba, different sizes of rice noodles, cheap packs of ramen just toss the flavor pack away and I will occasionally make homemade noodles as well.

The broth.

Most of my broths start with what juices are left from the slow cooked meat. Deglazing the pan with usually some sake to get all the tasty bits. For the two of us we don't need much, about a couple of cups of broth. If you need a bit more either you can add some store broth or add some water as long as the flavor is strong enough.

Finishing touches.

This is like having a taco bar set up but for noodles! Boiled eggs are a must, preferably soft-boiled, that yolk just adds to the richness of that broth. Cilantro, green onion and sprouts make for some nice toppings. For heat options I use one or more of what I might have on hand, sriracha, sambal and a Sichuan style hot oil. For optional flavor touches we have lime, sesame oil, fish sauce or soy sauce.

If nothing else I hope this gives you some ideas on tweaking your bowl of ramen.

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