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Papa John’s wants you to propose with £5k pizza cufflinks...

Show off your dough with a band of dough.

James Lewis posted in Pizza
1y ago

Women around the solar system have an additional responsibility this February (as well as having to pretend to be joyful at the pathetic presents gifted to them on Valentine’s Day): taking the lead on proposing to their partners on Saturday 29th.

Tradition dictates that on leap years women make the first move towards marriage, getting down onto one knee to reveal a ring the size of the London Eye encrusted with diamonds, gold and a whole array of speciality exquisites – like mini jelly babies.

Of course, in recent years humanity has edged forward somewhat to move away from archaic traditions of way back when so that women and men can choose to propose whenever they want – and, with the latest creation from Papa John’s, who wouldn’t want to?

Although typically known for its exclusive pizzas, Papa John’s has decided to move into the big league of quality romantic merchandise… with dough-encrusted cufflinks.

Perhaps I’m old fashioned for thinking that people still propose with rings, but at least pizza themed cufflinks make more sense than forcing fingers through stuffed crusts.

The cufflinks would appear to have been made to a genuinely high quality, having been manufactured by a Hatton Garden jewellers and moulded from eighteen carat gold. Worth £5,000, they’re certainly the second most expensive pizzas I’ve ever come across (after I had the pleasure of purchasing one in London following a night out for about two billion pounds).

But the cufflinks don’t just look like pizzas, because beneath the surface lies some actually Papa John’s pizza dough that has been woven into the luxury accessories. That’ll be interesting whenever things heat up.

To take part, women can submit their cute and cheesy (no pun intended) tales of how they met their partner to pizzalove@wcommunications.co.uk – but time runs out on 25th February. As well as the cufflinks, the winner also receives a photographer, champagne and – naturally – a complimentary pizza. Hopefully, that won’t be as tough to eat as the golden version.

What food items would you propose with?

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  • I am still so baffled by this...

      1 year ago
  • Papa johns sounds more like divorce to me...lol

      1 year ago
  • And then someone let me know whether they won them, so I can come and steal them.

      1 year ago