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Parents astonished by son's huge food order – he even got a delivery slot

The little boy seems to have a mixed craving for Bakewell tarts and Peperami

1y ago

Food cravings are a pain, aren’t they? One minute you’ve got a lusting urge for a slice of cake and the next thing you know you’ve destroyed an entire bakery. Cream and sauce spilled everywhere; beheaded gingerbread men dissected into crumbs.

It would appear that one young lad in the UK suffers from food addiction considerably worse than the rest of us. Recently, social media was shocked by the news that the boy racked up a massive bill for a food order from Tesco – all on his mum’s credit card.

In a scheme so sinister even a James Bond villain couldn’t have pulled it off, the four-year-old son of Twitter user Gareth Davies spent a staggering £451.27 on supermarket items. In a brilliantly calculated heist, the boy cunningly seized control of his mum’s mobile phone while she slept and secretly placed the order.

As well as almost bankrupting his family, the little lad came close to causing an international famine. Having chosen a mere 36 bags of Cheddars and 184 oranges, the boy’s Tesco order also included 594 boxes of cherry Bakewells and 990 Peperamis. Because the four-year-old is obviously keen to adopt a balanced diet, he added eight fishcakes and eleven packets of pine nuts to his virtual basket.

In order to ensure he remained a hit with the ladies after tales of his escapade had died down, he decided to purchase a couple of cans of deodorant too.

Somewhat disappointingly, Gareth intervened in his son’s ambitious plan and cancelled the order. But, to make sure that the young boy’s endeavours were not entirely wasted, Peperami courageously stepped in to supply him with some complimentary products, commenting: “how did ya’ manage to get a delivery slot?! You’re a wizard, mate.”

Dignified in defeat, when questioned by his dad about his bold plot the boy said: “I wanted to have more food than everyone else.” That amount of food could have kept anyone going for at least ten years – or ten minutes of a Netflix binge.

If you could have an unlimited supply of one food what would it be?

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