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    Pasta with Pistachio Sauce and Prawns

    Irresistible taste, easily cooked.

    43w ago


    Perhaps I'm a bit ignorant, but I never noticed that you can mix nuts with pasta to a delicious dish. I saw it in a restaurant on the menue and ordered immediately.

    The owner told me they came from Sicily and their family has a lot of pistachio trees there. So they are able to serve their guests a pistachio sauce in autumn and winter - until the harvest is depleted.

    The noodles were delicious so I tried to cook this sauce at home.

    I used prawns, but of course you can keep the sauce vegetarian. Just drop the prawns.


    Of course I use my homemade vegetable stock powder.

    I like the taste of garlic, but not the typical "garlic-breath". So I replace garlic with wild garlic.

    If I don't have fresh herbs from my balcony I use a mixture of frozen herbs. You can buy them in every supermarket here and I always have them in the freezer.

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    • Looks tasty

        7 months ago