Paul Hollywood trademarks famous name in preparation to expand his brand

The TV chef looks set to offer a range of kitchenware and is said to be considering opening restaurants

31w ago

TV chef Paul Hollywood, has finally managed to trademark his surname in a bid to apply it to a line of kitchenware. The move prevents his name being used on any goods not directly attributed to him throughout Europe.

This is not the first time the Bake Off judge has tried to trademark his name. Five years ago he attempted it, but faced backlash from angry California residents claiming he couldn't possibly trademark a place name.

A stern response from his lawyer stating, "Paul's family name goes back 600 years and if you can prove Hollywood has been around before that he will back down, otherwise he will sue you for using his name on a sign on the side of a mountain," put paid to their argument, but it's only now he has made it official.

Despite this, he has had a range of ready to bake rolls brandishing the name Hollywood, which have been available in supermarkets across the UK for a number of years. With bread being his, and his family's, speciality, it seemed only right that this be the first Hollywood product available.

He is said to have made the trademark official as he is planning the launch of a range of kitchenware in the near future. The move suggests he has also set his sights further than just the shores of the UK.

Hollywood is also thought to be considering opening a chain of restaurants in his name, and the trademark gives him the opportunity to open a cookery school as well.

With filming of his most successful venture, The Great British Bake Off, delayed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it seems the star has plenty of time to bake up his own big plans.

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