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Pay homage to James May's iconic rugby top with our latest t-shirt

We're all stuck inside wearing the same clothes. Time to buy something new?

1y ago

Did you know FoodTribe has a merch store where you can buy all sorts of Clarkson, Hammond and May swag? Or, if you'd prefer, just a cool bunch of FoodTribe gifts?

Well, you do now. And this week we have a brand-new design, and it's a bit of a lockdown special – based on James May's famous pink and purple striped (hooped) rugby shirt of doom (PAPSROD).

It's available on men's and women's tees, tank tops (ugh) and long-sleeved tees.

Be one step closer to james may in the fashion stakes

James May's PAPSRSOD Quarantine design

Stripes? Check. Topical tagline? Check. Charity-inspired hashtag? Check.

Taking inspiration from May's seemingly immortal garment, this new t-shirt informs onlookers (ie your cat) that you're adhering strictly to quarantine rules, AND that you have a bit of a thing for Captain Slow's sartorial choices.

We did actually approach various fashion designers to see about integrating this into their summer 2020 collections, but they made noises about it being "stupidly niche". Whatever.

Pimp My Beans

If you're more about the beans than the rugby, there's also a Pimp My Beans design available too.

And coming up soon, some of the amazing beans art designs from you guys!

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