PBR will pay you to put up beer adverts in your home


4w ago

PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) is actually willing to pay you to put up posters advertising their beer in your home.

They’ve got a bunch of things you can use from shower curtains to toilet seats to duvets to old-fashioned posters. All you have to do is send them proof and they’ll give you ‘’$10 to $50’’ depending on what you used, and where.

“Each item has a corresponding monetary value, in which participants send them in and Pabst Blue Ribbon posts proof of installation, then you get paid to ‘run’ the ads inside the comfort of your home,” PBR said in a release.

Why are they doing this? Because, and I’m quoting, ‘’ Pabst Blue Ribbon’s ads need a home and they’d rather pay you than a media fat cat.”

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  • I will pass!

      29 days ago
  • Retro beer posters for the games room could be a vibe

      28 days ago