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Peach Jam Made Easy

Peace Jam Made Easy

2y ago

An easy way to make peach jam without pectin


Three tins of peaches in syrup 400 g to 420 g

Sugar about 200- 250 gram to your taste

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Two 340 g Jam Jars

Sauce pan - no lid


Place the three tin's of peaches in syrup into a saucepan, leaving the peaches and the juice/syrup in the saucepan, if they are not in syrup then you will have to remove most of the juice/water and the lemon juice and add sugar,. I will not suggest how much sugar, this allows you to use your judgement, I do not like a lot of sugar. Some recipe's I had read before I did my own required a large amount of sugar up to a kilo/2 pounds of sugar, but this is not needed as the syrup will add to the sugar content and sweetness.

Start the cooking process and heat the peaches. once the peaches have lightly boiled for about 4 minutes reduce the heat onto a very low heat and cook for about an hour, stirring occasionally, reducing the water content. After an hour if there is still water/juice in the saucepan continue cooking until you are left with a sticky jam consistency and you are done.

Place the cooked jam while still warm, into the two jam jars, this will help seal the lids tight. You can use old jam jars if you want but these must be clean and sterilized.

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