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    People and pets have been putting on pounds during COVID-19

    It turns out that literally every species in existence has been overindulging during lockdown.

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    23w ago


    There have been a great many seismic feats during the weeks and months of lockdown, not least the surprising ability of the majority of people to do as they are told.

    As well as that there have been masses of inspiring reports of communities helping each other out by dedicating their time, money and resourcefulness to providing reassurance and security to anyone who requires it. Considering that lockdown was portrayed as an unimaginable hell a considerable amount of positivity has emerged from it.

    However, less shocking are the revelations revealed by surveys into people’s eating habits during quarantine – and by “habits” I mean cravings.

    A survey conducted in the US by polling company OnePoll asked 2,000 people about their lockdown dieting and exercise activities; ultimately, it was found that each person had (on average) gained five pounds since the coronavirus restrictions were implemented. The findings of the questionnaire suggested that the reason for the weight gain was the consumption of foods packed with carbohydrates (such as bakery products – yay for donuts – and pasta, which seems to be Twitter’s biggest food fetish).

    The pound piling probably wasn’t helped by the fact that despite the 2,000 respondents claiming that they had a regular exercise routine before the COVID-19 outbreak, in the weeks following the pandemic 65% admitted that they had stopped exercising. Widespread health advice to stay at home to avoid the risk of contracting the virus likely did very little to counter this.

    But people should not feel ashamed by their crisis eating regimes. In addition to the reality that we have suffered the largest international disaster in decades, our animal companions have hardly been championing the fight for a fitter way of living.

    Another American poll has revealed that pets have been enjoying as many sneaky snacks as their human underlings. According to agency Wakefield Research, 33% of pets have fattened up since March. This correlates with the predictable statistic that 40% of participants stated that they were feeding their furry best friends more.

    The flipside is that an overwhelming number of people answering the poll said that they were spoiling their pets more and that this had led to a substantial increase in happy animals – and with gloom so easily accessible, surely a little satisfaction can’t be considered an evil thing?

    Have you been pandering your pets more during lockdown?

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    • Yup. Definitely need to stop binging on Pringles...

        5 months ago
    • Fat Cat and friends . It were an Aussie tv show

        5 months ago
    • With the possible exception of Californian landlords, who have lost on average , 1 in 5 of their tenants in the last few months.

      17 % of San Franscisco tenants have upped sticks , and have headed to Florida and Texas.

        5 months ago
    • Oh yes. My cat is definitely larger...

        5 months ago
    • Actually no, far from it

        5 months ago