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People are flogging old McDonald’s food on eBay

An entrepreneurial spirit has emerged from those trying to exploit the food firm’s temporary closure.

1y ago

Despite the Covid-19 spread being one of the gravest situations ever witnessed by mankind, one aspect in particular has been difficult to stomach for many.

No, it’s not the fact that the NHS is being inched closer by the day to total collapse or that you can now be hauled away to prison for opening a window – the real problem is actually the UK-wide closure of all McDonald’s stores.

The fast-food chain bolted the doors on all of its restaurants on the evening of 23rd March. It had already banned the use of its seating areas, but – in order to properly safeguard staff and customers – a decision was made to completely close every store.

This has caused a major issue, because everyone in Britain relies on McDonald’s for at least 90% of their diet. Well, that’s the case in Stoke-on-Trent anyway.

Fortunately, users of online action site eBay have rallied round to provide support to the malnourished millions by offering their prized Golden Arches possessions for sale – including wonderfully aging food.

A quick browse of the bidding website reveals that items ranging from sauces to complete Big Mac meals are being advertised for starting prices of up to £10 (and that’s before the secretive postage and packaging rates have been added).

The Big Mac meal, for example, consists of the traditional burger, a box of fries and three packets of sauces (ketchup, barbeque and sweet curry). Flavoured dips are well known for being antidotes to the effects of mouldy meals, so it’s inspiring to see that those essential ingredients have been retained.

The product’s description explains that the profiteering ploy was “purchased 23rd March & frozen straight away”. So, that’s all right then.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the iced Big Mac meal has not yet received any bids, but greater success has been achieved with a box of twenty frozen McNuggets (and assorted sauces) which has so far acquired the eye-popping sum of £1.70. Summed up as being the “last of it’s [sic] kind”, the chicken nugget meal is clearly more valuable than gold.

Trying to land big bucks from Big Macs may be trickier than it seems, but it’s heartening to learn that in this time of national despair people are providing each other with the help that truly counts: snow-covered, prehistoric McDonald’s food.

Do you fancy a second-hand McDonald’s meal?

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  • I give credit to the entrepreneur spirit. It's a good idea that's a bad idea.

      1 year ago
  • No, thank you - not interested- week old meal 🤢

      1 year ago
  • I guess people have to find ways to stay entertained... 😂

      1 year ago
  • I wonder if Old McDonald knows that his food is being sold? With a pinch-pinch here and a pinch-pinch there...

      1 year ago