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People are sharing their hilarious baking fails and we’re here for it

One woman is laying claim to the worst banana bread of all time

1y ago

The way people have been taking to social media lately to share pics of their perfect sourdough and flawless cupcakes, you’d think quarantine has suddenly made everyone an expert baker.

But thankfully for those of us out here that couldn’t make a cake rise to save their life, some amazing baking fails have been cropping up on Twitter.

It all began – like many of the best things do – with a disastrous banana bread. A Twitter user named Hend Amry posted a photo of the offending baked item. It is, to be fair, hilarious. Which is not exactly the vibe you're going for with a baked good.

She wrote. “i've just made, what might possibly be, the world's most failed banana bread. if i had feral goats living in my backyard, i would hesitate to feed it to them.”

We can concur. Take a look...

She added, “And it looks, and I can’t stress this enough, better than it tastes... Imagine wet play dough but banana flavored and inexplicably sour.” Sounds like a kindergarten experiment gone wrong.

Amry’s post provoked, in that delightful way that only social media can, a flurry of sympathy tweets in the form of other hideous baking fails. Like this monstrosity, for which there are literally no words.

Then there are these truly horrifying Easter "bunny" cookies. The stuff of nightmares.

And this bread – which, to be fair, would not be a fail if it was made for Halloween. (Halloween bread, that’s a thing, right? 🤔)

Marie Shaurette chimed in with this archival contribution – it looks like lava cake but it’s meant to be banana bread, so you can only imagine what went wrong there.

And we leave you with this abomination, which the tweeter described, perfectly, as ‘Sasquatch feces’. Two words we never expected to write in the same sentence.

Tell us: what’s your ultimate baking fail? We need to know!! 🍞🥐🥨🥯🥖

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Comments (3)

  • I just shared my breakfast fail

      1 year ago
  • Good, that I didn’t take a picture - a cake that didn’t get ready until it was dry as Styropor

      1 year ago
  • I once attempted to make a pistachio-flavored birthday cake with a friend who was just “winging it” from scratch. I don’t remember what all she out in there, but there were definitely WAY too many eggs and it was essentially green baked custard that deflated when removed from the pan. There is no pictorial evidence of that monstrosity. It quickly went into the trash.

      1 year ago