5d ago

People around me know how much I love dark chocolate and I want to thank them for so much love.

In these few weeks, I will try to bring you closer my dark chocolates and their flavors...

What is your favorite taste of dark chocolate?

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Comments (16)

  • Pure dark, no added taste. Just 70% cocoa and I'm in heaven 😋😋

      5 days ago
  • Maria, you so do love your chocolates! The best chocolate I ever had was something called chocolate pate I got it in French restaurant.

      5 days ago
    • To be honest, I've been eating cooking chocolate all my life, I'm not a fan of milk chocolates, BUT when I discovered dark chocolate, my life became different, this is definitely love 🍫🙈🥰

        5 days ago
  • Do I need to say it 😄

      4 days ago