People grow 2.6kg lemon in Western Australia

That's a lot of vitamin C

5w ago

Lemons are a versatile fruit. You can have it in a tart, sorbet, and even squeeze it onto your fish and chips. The humble lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and has many health benefits.

A pair of gardeners in East Fremantle, Western Australia have grown a monster lemon weighing in at 2.6kg. The citrus fruit in question is a ponderosa lemon and is about the same size as a forearm.

The lemon was eventually given to Melissa Palinkas, executive chef and owner of Ethos Deli and Dining Room. She says that it has been used in a salad and also says it could be peeled for a refreshing limoncello.

Credit: Melissa Palinkas

Credit: Melissa Palinkas

In an Instagram post showing off the gigantic fruit, Ms Palinkas said: "So I googled giant lemon, it turns out it's a Ponderosa lemon originating from Amalfi. Much like a Cedro lemon I have used before. No juice but some amazing lemon citrusy pearls, much like a finger lime opponent bursts of citrus. So the pith is sweet, not bitter.

Today I scooped and segmented the pearls and shaved the skin and pith, for a salad I made with green olives, lots of chives and dill, zucchini and our burnt lemon dressing with lemon oil."

Whatever you might think is a good use for this lemon, it's a relief to know that it's in safe hands. Although a wedge of it might look nice in a glass of James May's Gin...

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Comments (3)

  • Damn

      1 month ago
  • Was this growing in pure steroid powder instead of soil? 👀😅

      1 month ago
  • Lots of Vitamin C, a lemon has around 50mh/100g, mashed potato has around 80mg/100g.

    Can put mash on top of a meat stew.

      1 month ago