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People have been in love with KFC since it reopened

The rediscovered obsession has also caused some unexpected consequences.

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McDonald’s has had to bear the brunt of the vast majority of critical press reports in recent weeks, following its decision to recommence selling food to the adoring public and the chaos that the subsequent queues have been causing. It’s reassuring to know that the common sense the government keeps talking about is so prevalent.

But this single-minded coverage has been somewhat unfair on Ronald McDonald and his chums given that other fast food restaurants have also suffered difficulties, having gradually wiped the dust off their cash registers. Most recently, KFC has been enduring some widespread roastings.

Although it is indisputable that the hours of queues that formed at reopened McDonald’s branches verge on being unfathomable, at least Maccies’ customers haven’t had to deal with strict parking wardens.

Food hunters at the KFC branch in Rock Ferry on the Wirral were treated to £100 parking fines by a private car parking firm after some people waited more than seventy five minutes for their chicken to be fried. Needless to say that drivers were left clucking with anger thanks to the use of CCTV cameras that recorded the registration numbers of vehicles that entered and left the car park, causing users to be automatically whacked with the hefty punishments. Let’s hope that the popcorn chicken was worth it.

After an uproar on Facebook that saw many recipients of the fines resolutely refuse to pay, KFC responded with a statement to extinguish the social media wildfires: “we’re flattered by how much our Rock Ferry fans have missed us. Our longer than usual queues did result in a few unfair fines for the car park but we’ve put that right now by cancelling the charges.”

The online chasm was the source of another recent controversy for the Colonel. Facebook users were absolutely incensed by a post uploaded by Brooke Micallef which showed a box of KFC’s highest quality fries literally drowning in salt.

Micallef was very complimentary of the service provided by the restaurant in Penrith, Western Sydney, claiming that she wanted to “choke on the salt” and “to look like it’s snowing.” That’s certainly the strangest KFC review I’ve ever read. Other people responded to the upload with comments varying from “ewwww might as well eat the salt by itself” to simply “vile”. I think that the Michelin stars awarded to restaurants should be solely determined by Facebook users.

Normally, I’d agree that excessive amounts of salt are completely unnecessary – but, in order to counterbalance the horrific offerings of KFC’s chips, I’d say that the quantity of salt didn’t actually go far enough.

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