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I'm on a mission 🍍 πŸ•

4w ago

My passport says I was born in Italy but I'm not the usual Italiano. I'd take beer over wine any day of the week, I don't like pasta and - please allow me to sit down and brace for the inevitable stream of heated comments - I like pineapple pizza. Scratch that, I love pineapple pizza. And I have a question.

I still remember the first time I ever had pineapple pizza. I was in London, with nowhere to go and all the time in the world to get there. I sauntered for what felt like hours, found myself in Leicester Square and bought some pineapple pizza. And it was delicious.

I'm on a mission here. I've always maintained that pineapple pizza is excellent and I'll stand by that. Change my mind in the comments if you can 🍍 πŸ•

Is pineapple pizza ever acceptable? 🍍 πŸ•

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Comments (48)

  • Yeah, pineapple's fine. The more seismic question is how much chorizo should go on pizza?

      30 days ago
  • What all toppings do you have on your pizza besides pineapple? I'm sure will support you.

      29 days ago
  • Nah i don’t think it should be on pizza. Pizza is Italian and only products that are indigenous to Italy should be in it in my opinion

      30 days ago
    • 😱

        30 days ago
    • I agree about the fact that it should not be on pizza, but following that principle neither tomato should, because even if here in Italy we have many cultures, it was originally imported from South America πŸ€”

        30 days ago
  • I looove pineapple on pizza πŸ• Especially, pepperoni with onions and pineapple πŸ˜‹

      30 days ago
  • If you absolutely need pineapple on dough, why don't you go for Toast Hawaii?

      30 days ago