People of Los Angeles! Rooftop bar Perch is open for delivery

That's good news... if you're in Los Angeles

41w ago

I don't live in Los Angeles and I guess that's the reason why I'm obsessed with it. Los Angeles is a city that looks and feels like it's in parallel dimension. It's a giant, weird and wonderful town with a crazy food scene chiefly because every one is potentially a Losangelino. You can have Mexican, Italian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and American dishes and still call it "traditional L.A. food". It's a long list and it even includes Armenian.

But because L.A. is L.A. if you're looking for the best, most delicious, most self-aggrandizing food in Los Angeles you gotta stop looking at menus, and you have to start looking up to the sky. That's because L.A. is a story that's best told on its rooftops.

Perch Los Angeles is an amazing rooftop bar located near Pershing Square, at the heart of Downtown L.A. The view is phenomenal and so is the food, and while unfortunately it looks like we're going to have to rely on photographs of the venue for a while, because we're not allowed to visit right now, the good news is you can still enjoy Perch's food because they're open for delivery.

Perch allows you to enjoy fine dining in the comfort of your home. You can order Perch delivery and take out via food delivery apps like Caviar, Doordash and Postmates. The menu is varied and it features several options from fish and meat to gourmet burgers. The view is going to have to wait but the food, well, it's up for grabs. And if you can, go ahead and do it, because I can't do it and I miss Los Angeles. And not knowing when I'm going to be able to go back makes me sad. And thirsty. I'm gonna have an Old Fashioned which, incidentally, is also Los Angeles' flagship cocktail.

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