People still can't agree on how to split the bill at restaurants

How would you do it?

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Here's the million dollar question: how do you split the bill at restaurants? Discussions about this subject could potentially spark civil wars as people tend to have different opinions, personalities and, even though no one wants to admit this is relevant, different financial situations. has conducted a survey, interviewing 2,000 diners to find out how more and the results are quite interesting.

It seems that 34% believe you should split the bill by simply dividing the amount by the number of people sitting at the table which, in my humble opinion, is probably the easiest and quickest way to do it. Meanwhile, 36% believe the bill should be split precisely based on who ordered what. This is generally frowned upon but then again it seems that everything about splitting the bill is awkward as 43% openly admit that deciding how to split the bill is the worst part of the meal, precisely because it makes you feel uneasy.

One of the most interesting things about the survey is that 80% said that however uncomfortable this might be, they would happily put up with it just so they can enjoy a meal with friends, which makes me assume that the remaining 20% are seriously considering avoiding restaurants altogether just so they can avoid the drama of having to split the bill.

Interestingly, 42% have agreed - or would agree - to pay more just to avoid feeling awkward, and the same exact percentage of people surveyed said they'd pay more just to look good. 20% say they've actually picked up the tab on behalf of everyone at the table just to dodge the embarrassment entirely.

Splitting the bill seemingly (and unsurprisingly) creates disagreement, too. 26% said they were involved in a debate, especially when it comes to tipping the staff, and 52% said they have personally been left red-faced by the actions of the people they've dined out with when it comes to settling the bill and, according to study, the debate quickly escalated and turned into an argument for 13% of the interviewees.

Friends are apparently more likely to cause trouble (28%) than colleagues (16%), but I think this is just because people would have no problem nitpicking in front of their friends, while they might be - or at least attempting to be - a bit more cooperative in front of their colleagues.

Julie Daniels, head of rewards at, said: "Splitting the bill often divides opinion, as our research shows. But one thing is for sure, people are looking forward to dining out again and plan to make up for lost time".

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Comments (9)

  • In Germany the waitress/waiter will usually ask whether it's all together or separated so there's no trouble at all. Usually separated bills are better for the staff because they get a tip from each person, which, added up, is probably more than just one for the whole party 😊

      1 month ago
  • I'm of the view there is no worse end to a lovely meal and vibe than everyone pouring their cash all over the table and doing maths over the top of each other. Goodness, it's probably classier to kiss the waiter and do a runner.

      1 month ago
    • So what you’re saying is you simply throw your grape dial Rolex on the table and get it over with

        1 month ago
  • In China, There're always small arguments on who pays the bill after the meal because if you pay the whole bill it means you respect your feiends or guests a lot.

    If it's between close friends then it's also okay to just AA. Why would you mind ¥5 of loss if you're with a close friend?

      1 month ago
  • I always go for, if everyone's had broadly the same thing (maybe £1 or £2 difference here or there), just split it. But if someone's just had a starter, and someone else had three courses with steak and lobster and some expensive wine, 100% they're paying their own way (plus you never know what situation the other person is in money wise!).

      1 month ago
  • Some places asked if the bills were separated before ordering, and we gladly say yes 😆. No issues at the end of the meal.

      1 month ago