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Pepsi's launching a coffee drink with double the caffeine

Pepsi Cafe will be available in two flavors

1y ago

If there’s one thing we all need, it’s to be more caffeinated, amirite?

PepsiCo are stepping in with a creation that’s either inspired or totally gross: you be the judge.

They’re launching a new coffee-infused soda which has twice the caffeine as the standard soda. A normal Pepsi contains 38 milligrams of coffee, which is quite a bit less than a regular coffee.

Pepsi Cafe will be available from April next year in coffee and vanilla flavors. Earlier this year Coca-Cola launched its own coffee-based drink, which is available outside the US.

Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing for Pepsi, said: “Cola has been a pretty stagnant category over the last 20 to 30 years. “As consumer preferences continue to evolve, we at Pepsi need to evolve as well to better meet those needs.”

Way back in 1996, Pepsi actually tested a breakfast drink called Pepsi Kona. Then in 2006 they launched Pepsi Max Cino, a coffee-flavored soda without sugar.

“We think the consumers today have now caught up with this trend,” said Kaplan.

That’s all very well, but what about the taste?

Danielle Barbaro, director of research and development at PepsiCo, said they are “quite surprised about the synergy between cola and coffee. Once they tasted it, they saw that the flavors really blended.”

She describes Pepsi Cafe as “cola forward” with notes of coffee.

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  • Not a cold coffee fan, but I might give it a try

      1 year ago
  • Clare,

    I was amused by your Taco Bell posting, and then I came upon this.

    I cannot stop my eyes from uncontrollable rolling.

    God Bless 'Murrica!

    Yours truly,


      1 year ago