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Perfect black angus tenderloins

Sous vide does its magic again

Doug F posted in BBQ
2d ago

FoodTribe, my wife came home with a couple black angus tenderloins and told me to sous vide them for dinner, I am not one to argue. So the next day they got rubbed down with some Private Selections Texas inspired rub and vacuum sealed and tossed in at 130 degrees F for 3 hours. As always, after the three hours I cut them open and dried them with paper towels.

Before getting vacuum sealed

Before getting vacuum sealed

After they were dried I added a little more rub and then put them on the grill that was set on high for just a couple of minutes on each side, just enough for a nice sear and grill marks.

This was the same meal that I made the Hungarian mizeria cucumber salad, as recommended by my friend Emilia Mig.

I must say, sous vide done its magic once again you all, this turned out so tender and juicy with that perfect medium rare color. It had great beef flavor that was accented well by the rub. I also want to add that it tasted pretty good dipped into the mizeria sauce.

FoodTribe every time I use the sous vide I am impressed and this was no exception. It is such a easy way to take your meat cooking to another level. As I have said before I wish I knew about this a couple decades ago.

So have I tempted any of you to give sous vide a day in court yet? Lets talk about it in the comments down below. Stay wonderful FoodTribe and remember, from the bottom of my heart, I love you all!

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