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Perfect restaurant for train spotters!

Locomotive shaped pasta is a fun dish for the kids served at the London Transport Museums new restaurant..

2y ago

I love the idea behind this new place all themed up with everything underground - reclaimed signs, downlighters from Bond Street station and lots of original seats.

It makes me feel nostalgic ......

Canteen at London Transport Museum

Canteen at London Transport Museum

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Comments (4)

  • My kid would love it here

      2 years ago
    • Yes it's a great museum for all ages I think we all get something different from it. I liked the cocktails!

        2 years ago
  • Love it Carol! We have a restaurant in town by the name of Fritz's. It's aimed at kids and they have toy trains that deliver your food on tracks that run around the ceiling of the restaurant. I see they have a couple video's of the food being delivered to the table at this link on their page. Love the train themes! www.fritzskc.com/having-fun.htm

      2 years ago
    • Its brilliant it reminds me I used to eat in a restaurant in Bangkok where a train practically goes through it and my friends face when it happens is great. I'll find it and post it tomorrow

        2 years ago