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Personality Quiz: Tell me your kitchen quirks and I'll say which fruit you are

1y ago

How clean is your sink?

  • I know there's a sink under my dishes
  • I always clean it with alcohol
  • I try to keep it clean, but I'm busy
  • Lots of people use it so it's not spotless

Do you recycle?

  • Obsessively
  • Just the big stuff, like boxes, glasses
  • I have no time for that
  • I keep it in a corner and take it out when it takes over the room

How does your kitchen looks like?

  • Spotless
  • Fancy
  • It has life
  • It's messy but I love it

How do you organize your cupboards?

  • Methodically
  • I keep the fancy stuff visible and hide the plastic containers
  • Lots of people use it and we all find our way around
  • I don't

Which of these is true for your fridge?

  • I throughly clean it once a week
  • If it was cheap, I throw it away instead of putting it in the fridge
  • It's so full I have to remove things to get what I want
  • There are things there that I don't remember when I bought

What can you tell me about your plates?

  • I have a nice set and I use it all the time
  • I never use the fancy ones
  • I have sooooo many
  • Mine are chipped and I don't care

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