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Phillip Schofield is launching his own wines

The star of This Morning is pairing up with When In Rome Wines

Phillip Schofield has released his own range of bag-in-box wines, which hit the shelves earlier this month. They are produced by Italian importer, When In Rome, who specialise in wine boxes. The range consists of a few grape varieties sourced from a few different Italian vineyards, and so far it includes a red, made with Nero de Troia, and a white made with Falanghina.

Schofield had a number of conditions to doing this partnership. He made it clear to the producers that he wasn't willing to slap his name on any old plonk:

“I wanted figures on how eco-friendly box wine was and I wanted it to be good value. The result is something I felt I could really invest in.”

In addition to making it affordable and sustainable, Phil was committed to getting the taste absolutely right. He stated that he, "wanted to be part of the tasting team”.

If you're going to be involved with making a wine, "tasting" surely has to be the main perk. Being paid to taste wine has to be a near unbeatable set of circumstances. But Schofield insists it's all about getting the taste right:

“I don’t think there is anything I have been so passionate about, so I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do.”

“I have really enjoyed the process of sourcing, selecting and now sharing these wines with everyone.”

When In Rome is an importer seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of the UK's enormous appetite for wine. We import 1.8 billion bottles a year – more than any other country – but the bottles that wine is sold and often transported in are massively inefficient. They take up an enormous amount of space and weight, and are often only used once. Even if they are recycled, this process of melting and reforming glass is an energy inefficient one, and the glass can never be 100% recycled.

Wine boxes might be a nauseous reminder of student days for many, but the company suggests you ditch the association of wine boxes by decanting your wine into a refillable container – perhaps a carafe.

And on top of that, you can get some decent stuff by the box these days. Far from being bottom shelf plonk, Made In Rome wine is good quality. And you just know that if it's got Schofield's name on the side, it's going to bring smiles all round.

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