6d ago

Philly Cheesesteak by a novice.

After reading John Battersby's posts on Philly Cheesesteaks I've been meaning to try one for some time and today was the day. I had some left over beef that had already been cooked sous vide so it might look raw but it isn't. In the pan went some onions, followed by the beef, then mozzarella and finally some processed cheese. With some horseradish spread on the bread I then scooped up the beefy cheese and plonked it on. The gravy yesterday was a veal stock and red wine reduction and was delicious so I just went ahead and poured some over the cheesesteak. It was a messy eat but I really enjoyed it.

Now I know this is a novice preparation from leftovers so traditionalists be kind. Next time I might actually plan ahead and get some rib eye and provolone.

Many thanks to John for the inspiration.

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Comments (26)

  • My Lord that looks sooooooo damn good!!! I think you nailed it!

      6 days ago
    • Thanks John! It was bloody lovely. Thanks for giving me the inspiration.

        6 days ago
    • Here is some more inspiration! Try it with not just the onion, but bell pepper strips and sliced mushrooms! Or even Chicken Cheesesteaks! Damn me; I'm getting hungry again.

        6 days ago
  • yummm... the food envy is real! looks great!

      6 days ago
  • Om nom nom nom nom, looks fantastic! Well done! If this is novice level, I can't wait to see how good it is after more practice... 🙂

      5 days ago
  • I'm looking at this at 1:30am and I want it now

      6 days ago
    • Well it has made me feel content and sleepy so maybe that's what you need to help you drift off. If I could send one by text message I would 😃

        6 days ago
  • This looks delicious! A meat lovers dream!👍

      4 days ago