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Piernik (Polish gingerbread) recipe

Recipe for delicious a little bit spicy cake for any occasion – not only for Christmas

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Piernik is a cake usually served around Christmas Eve, however I don't see anything wrong with serving such delicious cake anytime you want.

The word "piernik" is from Old East Slavic and means 'spicy' or 'peppery'. It's a sweet cake with a noticeable hint of spice, made with simple ingredients like flour, honey, sugar, eggs, milk or water, and of course spices (like: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, anise, clove, cardamon). In the 17th century it was sold in pharmacies as a medicine which apparently helped to cure many illnesses. In some countries, gingerbread was a symbol of wealth and high social status.

Gingerbread recipe:


Flour (500g)

4-5 eggs (egg whites and yolks separately)

Liquid honey (250g)

Icing sugar (150- 200g) if you don't have icing sugar, add regular sugar

Baking powder (x2 teaspoons)

Milk (250g)

Spice mix (x1 teaspoon of cinnamon , clove, nutmeg) or one package (usually 40g) of mixed spices which you may buy in every supermarket


100 - 150 g of chopped nuts (depending on your preferences, it maybe walnuts, hazelnuts or in my case, almonds)

* If you enjoy very rich cakes you also may add some lemon/orange zest, raisins, figs or dried plums.


1. Mix icing sugar or regular sugar, liquid honey, baking powder, spices, milk, egg yolks. Combine everything together and add flour carefully, then mix everything one more time. (If the dough is a bit thick, add a little milk)

2. Set aside for a moment, chop nuts and fruits (optional). Add them to the mix, after that, beat egg whites till stiff, add to the mix and use a spoon to mix everything gently. Pour the dough into mold and bake for 40-60 minutes in 180ºC.

After baking and slightly cooling, you can cover piernik (gingerbread) with a chocolate glaze, icing or cut into two parts and layer your piernik with a thick marmalade.

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