P​iers Morgan condemns Gordon Ramsay's Vegan food as 'inedible'

P​iers Morgan has brutally slaughtered the star chef's vegan food on Good Morning Britain describing it as 'vile gruel'

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P​iers Morgan is renowned for his controversial and cruelly honest opinions, and he didn't hold back when speaking about Gordon Ramsay's latest vegan menu on the UK's Good Morning Britain chat show. The vegan food was served at the GQ Awards on September 3rd, and Morgan described how he opted for the beef wellington, while his wife as well as co-host Susanna Reid both received the vegan alternative.

"​My wife got given that even though she didn't want it and both of them declared it one of the most disgusting things they'd ever eaten. So there's veganism! There's the future, no more beef wellington because Gordon's now into vegan food, or pretending to be because it's making him 'kerching'

T​he journalist then went on to label it as 'inedible, horrible gruel', but said his beef wellington 'was delicious'.

T​his is not the first time Morgan has expressed his distaste of Ramsay's vegan experiments and creations. The chef has previously posted a picture of his 'Vegan Roast' tweeting; "it's official, the vegan roast has landed"

P​iers wasn't for the vegetable alternative

P​iers wasn't for the vegetable alternative

T​his mention of veganism ignited Morgan's wrath again, as he retweeted the photo of the roast, commenting; "oh FFS...not you as well?"

S​imilarily to the journalist, Ramsay is famously not shy of confrontation either. In line with his usual reputation Ramsay simply told Morgan to "F**ck off', mockingly stating "so now Piers Morgan is a food critic?".

W​hile it is clear Morgan isn't an advocate for the vegan way of life, he isn't the only one to criticise the chef's attempt at vegan recipes viewing him as hypocritical. Ramsay has previously stated that he is 'allergic to vegans' and those who eat 'tasty animals'. This sudden turn in opinion has many agreeing with Morgan that he is simply following a trend for the 'kerching'.

W​hat are your thoughts on Ramsay's vegan recipes? Are you in agreement with Morgan and do you think the 'Vegan Roast' should catch on? Let us know!

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Comments (11)

  • Anyone who eats is allowed to be a food critic.

      1 year ago
  • I'd like to condemn Piers Morgan to literally anything that keeps him off the TV!

      1 year ago
  • If Piers Morgan hates it, I automatically love it.

      1 year ago
  • Gordon Ramsay is a smart guy.

    He would be well aware of the microbiological health risks associated with the storage of animal products, and vegan meals offer a safer alternative in that regard.

    I took a few microbiology subjects at Uni, and food poisoning from improperly stored animal products is no laughing matter.

    And in defence of Vegan dining, a hot cocoa with stevia, coconut , and cinnamon is a very fine thing indeed.

      1 year ago
  • After seeing it, I would rather have a slice of beef ngl.

      1 year ago