Did you know you can make pineapple from a courgette?

Yup, seriously...

4w ago

I have to admit I am a bit addicted to watching videos on cooking and getting inspiration from others on crazy foods. One person I love to watch is @emmymade, as she creates some wild and whacky dishes to perfection.

I quite often have my own little light bulb moments and make some wild things, but Emmy takes it to another level. Recently I saw her video on how to turn zucchini into pineapple.

Not only did I make the courgette (zucchini) pineapple but I also used it to make this fantastic vegan cheesecake. It's definitely a must do just for the experience.

If you know of any other wild and whacky cooking videos, let me know.

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Comments (16)

  • I tried mustard on watermelon after watching her video

      26 days ago
    • 😂 I still need to do the mustard watermelon taste test

        26 days ago
    • 🤣 I have a post with video. So does and

        26 days ago
  • Not sure I would want to try that, but then again pineapples are fairly easy to get here. I'm also an Emmy fan.

      27 days ago
  • Wow.....that's so cool

      28 days ago
  • Emmy is so fun to watch!

      28 days ago
    • Isn’t she just! I end up spending hours watching her videos 🙈

        28 days ago
    • Her experiments are very interesting and she is fun to watch. I love that she leaves her mistakes in.

        28 days ago