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Pink cooked up a batch of soup to donate to people in need

She shared the process on Insta

1y ago

Now that Pink is well on her way to recovery after having Covid-19, the singer is giving back to her local community by cooking up a storm.

The star has donated a big batch of delicious homemade soup to people in need and shared a photo of the meals on Instagram. She didn’t specify exactly who received the soup, but encouraged us all to get cooking and get donating.

Pink wrote: "It is my absolute pleasure to cook for you. Find your local church, find your local shelter, reach out to them, get some friends together, and cook some soup. Feed some folks. Best soup I ever made.”

Thankfully for us food nerds, the singer also shared a few photos of making the soup – which included carrots, onions, celery and bouillon.

And yeah, if you’re wondering why the lids have March dates on them – rest assured she cooked them this month – and I think we’re all feeling a bit like we’ve lost a month with the way this weird year is turning out.

As Us Weekly reported, Pink also made two $500,000 donations recently – to The Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia, PA, and to the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund.

Quick note here if you’re thinking of donating food to your local food bank: check its website to see how you can best help. Mine, for example, in West Los Angeles is kindly requesting financial donations as that’s the best way to support their amazing work right now. You can also make a donation to Feeding America, a nationwide hunger relief program.

What's your fave soup recipe? 🥣🥣🥣

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