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Pizza and Fries and my food snobbery

The times you try to "gotcha" a friend, but end up gutting yourself.

2y ago

It was that time of the week. Everyone was tired. No one wanted to make an effort - least of all myself. So, I threw something together that I know the kids like, and that I could eat without the sensation of bloating and fifteen minutes of self loathing.

I prepared something fairly basic involving pizza and some fries, and felt somewhat happy with the way they came out. I have a friend who I think is a bit of a foodie, so I took the photo above and sent it to them over a chat app.

"Yum!" came their reply.

Ah ha! I thought to myself. This would be a fantastic moment in where I could catch this person in their food snobbery! I would have them admitting to liking the look of something fairly pedestrian and banal. In follow up, I sent them the following picture.

I didn't add any other words to the message. Just left it there, the picture telling the thousands of words to say, "There! You just said 'Yum' to debris that I found in my fridge! Haha!" I revelled in my own cleverness for a brief moment.

A replying message was being typed by my friend, the ellipses of typing pushing the message bubbles upward, and I prepared for a reply of objection at the cunning trap I had set for them. The popping sound of the app was heard and the conversation lifted up the phone screen with their response.


They were not fazed at the idea that they seemed to enjoy the commoners' food I had prepared. They seemed almost delighted at it. I shook my head with some bewilderment, a slow realisation creeping uncomfortably into my mind.

I had tried to catch out a food snob.

And I had.

The food snob was me.

(For the record, the food was perfectly edible, and I salute those hardworking people of Picasso Kitchen and McCains. You know more than I do. Trust me.)

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