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Pizza Hut and Ikea team up to make a table

This is probably considered to be exciting in Sweden

James Lewis posted in Pizza
1y ago

If you think your life lacks meaning, have some consideration for the people behind the mind-blowing idea to pair-up brilliant bargain furniture chain Ikea, and brilliant pizza makers Pizza Hut, to create a table.

To be honest, when I first discovered this home décor revelation, I was expecting a King Arthur-esque giant round table that had greasy, grated yellows poured over it, all jumbled up with huge pink pepperoni pieces and brightening red tomato paste dripping over the sides.

Anything quite so ridiculous I might have been able to stand, but I think the blandness of the reality actually offends me.

The inspirational table is supposed to have been designed to look like that tiny white plastic thing included in the centre of pizzas delivered to your home (which, it turns out, is an ingenious measure of preventing your pizza from getting squished during the delivery journey. Quite how well it would stand up to being crushed under a truck I’m not sure.)

Although seemingly completely uninteresting on first appearance, closer inspection reveals that the table’s surface is stencilled with the logo of Pizza Hut. So, if you’ve recently started dating an employee of Domino’s, I’m afraid that relationship is now over. Still, it was worth it because you now have your beautiful table to keep you company.

There is only a limited amount of the iconic tables to be purchased and sales have already exceeded expectations by 67% (nice try, but 67% of zero is still zero), so don’t delay in sending your hard-earned money Ikea’s way!

Will you be serving up a Pizza Hut table for your home?

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Comments (4)

  • I need to see it, I love my old wooden (Ikea) table. But if it looks very cool, maybe something will change in the kitchen

      1 year ago
  • Happy meal kind of concept for adults?

      1 year ago