- Wow! Looks identical to the real thing! That's because this is a real pepperoni pizza. Shush.

Pizza Hut Jump on the Veganuary Bandwagon with Vegan 'Pepperphoni' Pizza

The fast food giant joins Greggs and MacDonalds in bringing veganism to the masses

1y ago

Have you ever had a vegan pizza? They’re usually quite disappointing affairs: cheeseless, meatless; dare I say joyless? But now, vegans can enjoy the ultimate pizza without any of the associated environmental responsibility, guilt or shame: Pizza Hut has released its ‘Pepperphoni’ pizza for Veganuary 2020.

This, alongside the new releases from Greggs, MacDonald’s and Nandos means that becoming vegan now requires very few sacrifices in taste or – and perhaps more importantly – convenience. This kind of change is part of a widespread movement of veganism. The planet-friendly diet is no longer the reserve of the devoted few who know how to cook pulses. Appropriated wholesale by the behemoths of fast food, veganism is now a viable and easy option for all.

The ‘Pepperphoni’ pieces themselves are made of pea protein, a new one for me. As Ciara Grace, Senior Innovation Manager at the chain said, it’s also ‘a first for Pizza Hut Restaurants’, who have never produced anything with this ingredient before. Nonetheless, they anticipate that it will be so popular that it might outlive its January ‘limited edition’ status and become a part of the permanent menu.

The pizza starts at £11.69, and is available in two sizes. The vegan pizza is served with Vialife vegan ch**se, but you can opt for normal cheese if you’re a veggie.

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Comments (3)

  • As someone who has studied nutrition to degree level, I have NEVER found a single vegan who is truly healthy, this then is just adding to the irresponsible movement that is being shoved down everyone's throat at the moment. Stupidity in a wrapper, and a plastic one at that!

      1 year ago
    • Hey bill, what do you consider truly healthy? Seems like some of the best athletes etc are doing it and managing! I’d say someone like Djokovic would be a good representative of a truly healthy person. Or david haye maybe. Personally, I feel...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • Peas are easy and cheap to grow, so how can a pea protein based pizza be nearly AUD $20 ?

    I think I'll stick to my onion, tomato and parsley sandwiches , @ about 30 cents ea.

      1 year ago